In memory of my father, Lewis C Leake!
Died 5 August 2004
Born Feb 18, 1917
We will miss him!

Update, march 19, 2009.
My brother, Max L Leake, passed away yesterday.
He resided in Rochester NY.

My mother passed away Oct 5, 2012, at the age of 92.

Notice, December 18, 2005
I have changed my plans about homesteading in California.

Update, Jan 26, 2006.
I bought an old house, plus land in west Texas, and am now living there.
This is because there are virtually no zoning codes to hinder me in that part of the country.

Update on the house.
I am still working on it, getting things done slowly.
I will be adding a few pages about my goat family here.
My Goats!

in Imperial Texas.

texas land I bought.

Welcome to the Desert rat web site!

Click for Imperial, Texas Forecast

Watch for changes!

I'll keep adding to this, and the rest of the site every so often.

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My new home, for a while.
Travel Trailer

A few pictures of my plants

A few pictures of my truck.


my new trailer

For those with nerves of steel, here is my personal picture page

Here is my friend Thor Sad to say now deceased!

Rena, the new dog!

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